The Johnstones

‘The Johnstones aren’t just a band, they are an all encompassing media blitzkrieg’ 

Most people know The Johnstones as the Ajax punk/ska band who have gained a notorious reputation for their high profile and controversial antics like:  Receiving a lifetime ban from Disneyland; spending numerous nights in jail; being chased out of the UK after pissing off the wrong soccer firm; and starting a highly publicized Justin Bieber riot at the Toronto G20 conference. Trouble became the Johnstones calling card. What started as a band of high school troublemakers creating their own Jackass-style music videos, has now, years later, become nothing short of a multimedia blitzkrieg.


The story of the Johnstones began with a crazy punk band with a crazy live show and a lot of crazy videos. They quickly became a household name in the southern Ontario punk scene where they landed a management deal with then Canadian idol judge Zack Werner. Then they signed to STOMP RECORDS (WARNER) releasing their first album Word Is Bond in 2007.


Success blossomed quickly and led to huge accomplishments. The Johnstones charted on the MuchMusic countdown, performed on TV shows including Canadian idol, MUCH Spring Break Special, Musiqueplus, MTV Live, breakfast television and countless others. The band toured the world with the likes of Hedley, Gob, Reel Big Fish, Less then Jake, The Mad Caddies and sold out headline shows to a thousand hardcore fans at the Toronto release or their most recent and very successful LP Can’t be Trusted. As their following grew, with myspace and YouTube plays upwards of 5 million, The Johnstones created their very own annual package tour The Yellow Snow Tour. The Johnstones have been there and done that and made the t -shirt for you to buy.


What separates the Johnstones from other bands is one of the most original and all-encompassing media networks you will find in Canadian music.  Years before online Q-and-As with bands were happening, The Johnstones were doing 30-minute live and interactive online shows with guests, sketches and audience participation garnering over five thousand live viewers. The Johnstones were also one of the first bands to do a weekly podcast with thousands of subscribers that led to their successful web-series, with millions of plays. Lots of bands are out there ‘tweeting’ and putting behind-the-scenes footage on YouTube but The Johnstones take their deep devotion to their fans much, much further.


The band has been featured in movies, TV shows and commercials They have toured with numerous successful side projects, done voice-overs for cartoons, hit the comedy scene, opening for acts like Jackass’ Steve-O, and now have their own half-hour TV show, Crown The Town, that features their music, crazy antics, sketch comedy with very special guest appearances.


There is no pocket of the media that the Johnstones haven’t had their hands in. These guys take ‘being a band’ to a whole new level.  There is no line they won’t cross in the name of entertainment as they continue to innovate and keep ahead of the curve. It actually became an ongoing joke in the industry that, much like The Simpsons, whatever new idea a band thought they had, “The Johnstones had done it.”


Right now the Johnstones are back on the scene in a big way with their latest offering, Suck. The new album is fast and insane, encompassing everything that makes the Johnstones unique. The Johnstones are like a missile set to explode on the earth and it can’t be slowed down by barriers, restrictions or, most importantly, the music industry.